Friday, August 9, 2013

TR-One that got away

 I caught a few little fat stockie browns, a 12" perch, and I swear I may of had a record LMB on.  This thing was massive, the spoon pulled out right at the boat.  Could have been a 10 pound bass.  Hit it 20 feet down.  Def one of the biggest bass I've seen.  I couldn't believe the size of this thing.  Holy smokes, I wish I could have netted it!  My stupid reel locked up and when the fish went to run, it ended up pulling the hook out right at the boat.  Fought pretty hard, I thought I had a big brown on because of the amount of line it kept taking! 


  1. That sucks! What kind of Reel are you using? The fish in these picks still look good

  2. Hey Manny,

    I was using a Shimano TR trolling reel (not the best but usually works fine). I'm still shaking over that huge gleneida bass. Thing was an old beast! I was going to get out today and give the reservoirs a try but the weather isn't the best. I'm going to be mainly focusing on the reservoirs now. August is always good for a trophy brown that has been getting fat all season long!