Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Impressive bass and a beautiful brown

 Say hello to my little friends! 

LMB: Weighed in at 4.8 pounds @ 19".  It was caught trolling 25 feet down.  Put up an amazing fight.  Was taking plenty of line out.  Def a solid catch!
Brown: 4.5 pounds @ 20".  It took a long time to reel this guy in.  It was truly a beautiful brown.  It felt so good being able to release it back into the water and see it swim off. Catch and release is so important. This brown will def be almost an 8 pounder by next season.  It was caught 20 feet down trolling.  August is always good for some nice browns, you just have to put the time in. 

Stockies: Lots of stockie browns today, one had some healed bite marks. 

HUGE pickerel caught by a fellow angler, I was lucky enough to witness and take a picture for him.

Bite marks... A big laker tried to make this guy lunch probably!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lots of bass

Gleneida TR---Lots of bass action.  Got them on swimbaits, LC pointers and when trolling for trout.  I think all the bass action on my trolling spoons really dulled the hooks.  I had a nice reservoir brown on and the hook ended up pulling out.  I was able to get a good look at it though so all is not lost!  Looked in the range of 4-5 pounds.  Picked up a few cookie cutter 12" stockie browns and a nice 18" laker.  Enjoy the pics.

Friday, August 9, 2013

TR-One that got away

 I caught a few little fat stockie browns, a 12" perch, and I swear I may of had a record LMB on.  This thing was massive, the spoon pulled out right at the boat.  Could have been a 10 pound bass.  Hit it 20 feet down.  Def one of the biggest bass I've seen.  I couldn't believe the size of this thing.  Holy smokes, I wish I could have netted it!  My stupid reel locked up and when the fish went to run, it ended up pulling the hook out right at the boat.  Fought pretty hard, I thought I had a big brown on because of the amount of line it kept taking! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gleneida TR

I was able to get out on gleneida, the conditions were pretty windy. The laker and brown bite was pretty slow. No lakers but did manage one 18" 3 pound brown. Def was a great looking brown and put up a really nice fight considering its size. Such awesome spots on this guy and a nice mini kype is starting. I also managed to pick up a sweet LMB weighing in at 4.8 pounds on a crank. This thing has been well fed! Surface temp was 81 degrees. Have a good weekend out there.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lots of bass and a nice brown

I picked up a ton of bass today. Lost count but the biggest was this chubby 3.5 pounder.  It put up a great fight, really enjoyed this catch.  I also finally got lucky and connected with a great brown.  The brown also put up a great fight and took me awhile to bring in.  It ended up being 20" and 4.25 pounds. The brown was caught 20 feet down in 50 FOW.  The brown had a nice fat belly!

Friday, June 14, 2013


I got into some nice bass.  I was able to get out for 3 hours of reservoir fishing. I did managed to pick up 3 bass and 1 small stockie brown.

Friday, May 17, 2013

In the surf

First striped bass caught surf fishing in RI. Been surfing fishing a few times and never caught anything until now.  I was using a huge rapala crank bait. Also foul hooked a skate! I had my fly rod out there too, but it was just to windy.  I would have needed a 9-10 weight to over come the conditions. This striper was a baby but still put up a night fight in the surf.